Create and import a project

This page has been updated on the 30 April 2010.

Create a project

So to start developing an application for the products of Mobile Devices, you need to create a new project.

To do so, go in the file menu, then click on new and select MD501 Project.

A new window appears, to create your project, follow these steps:

  1. Give a name to your project.
  2. Choose which type of application you are going to develop. If you are developing an application for a black box or a project without user interface choose the Non-graphical Project, if you intend to use a screen device choose Graphical project.
  3. Last thing, give a name to the package. This name has to respect a special syntax, the package name must be like this: com.project_name
  4. Then click on Finish.

Once your project has been created, the software generates the empty files of your project.

Import a project

To import an existing project, go into the file menu and choose import.

Now a new window opens, select the Mobile Devices folder and click on Existing MD501 Projects into workspace. Then click on Next.

In the next window, click on Browse and select the folder where is the project that you want to import is saved.
Then the projects should appeared, in the frame below. Finally select the projects you want and click on Finish.

The projects should have appeared in the package explorer of your SDK.

The project architecture

The architecture of the project is very important.

  • The src folder: It contains all the user code, your code.
  • The generated folder: it contains all the code generated by the SDK. You don’t have to touch the files inside this folder.
  • The data folder: In this folder you will put all the pictures, the sounds and the fonts you are using in your application.
  • The jcpn file: This file is very important, it enables the configuration of the whole project. You can manage the components required in your application, the parameters of the project and so on.
  • The mdu file: This file is only present in the graphical project. It will let you create the graphical interface of your project, the style and the language of the application.