Generate a package

This page has been updated on the 30 April 2010.

The SDK gives you the possibility, to generate packages. Those packages are made to be installed on the devices.

The package generator

To open the package generator, you just have to click on the package button.

Select the applications you want to export by selected the appropriate check boxes.
The name of the export package is set by default as the name of the selected application. But you can give the name you want to the package, by selecting the check box “Custom name”.
The export package is saved by default in the project folder in the output folder. You can export the package in the folder of your choice, by selecting the check box “External folder”.

Install your packages on your device

Once you have tested your application with the simulator of the SDK and generated your package, you can install it very easily on any Mobile Devices products.

To do so, you need to connect your device to a computer and use the administration console.
Please read the documentation about that here