This page has been updated on the 17 May 2010
Information validated on 2.4.0 framework.

This page describes the limitation you need to follow when creating and coding a project with the SDK.

Library and class restriction

In the framework, we use a standard java library in addition of the MDI Java Framework .

this library is Java ME Connected Device Configuration (CDC) Foundation Profile, version 1.0b

but we have some restriction about the class you can use on the device, the following class are not available :

  • java.lang.Character.Subset
  • java.lang.Character.UnicodeBlock
  • java.text.resources.LocaleData
  • java.util.jar.Attributes.Name
  • java.util.Map.Entry

Project restriction

The package name of the project must begin with “com.”

The last part of the package name must also match with the project name, or you might have problems retrieving the parameters of your project.
e.g.: myComponent will have package name com.myCompany.myProject.myComponent

Framework restriction

64kB size restriction

There is a restriction in the size of the packets of our inter-processes communication, this size is limited at 64kB.
If you try to send information of more than 64kB size, it will be truncated.
that is why :

  • we use separator on PDM if we want to reach maximum size of 3 MB
  • we can update component by package

DB restriction

There are restrictions on the size and names of each DB variables.
The name of the DB have a maximum size of 64 bytes
The value of the DB have a maximum size of 128 bytes

PDM restriction

There are restrictions on PDM size and number.
The maximum number of PDM which can exist in memory is 512
The maximum size of one PDM is 3 MB.
PDM is limited by the restriction of 64kB max package so if you want to reach the maximum size you need to use separator in your PDM.