What is morpheus?

This page has been updated on 6 May 2010.


The standard applications embedded in our products allows you to fulfil 90 % of your needs. But if you want to upgrade some functions or add some new ones, Morpheus SDK will let you easily develop the features of your new services.

The SDK has been developed to speed-up the development of new telematics applications. It includes a complete and user-friendly range of dedicated tools, IDE, API, library, functions. Morpheus lets you manage the Morpheus3 OS and MCT2.0 architectures and identifies for you the components you have to use in the perspective of your own developments. With Morpheus OS and SDK you can develop new generations of telematics services very quickly.

A service oriented architecture for your own services.

Development of new services becomes very simple with the SDK, based on Eclipse. You can update and add your services remotely in the devices with the administration tools at any time.

A large community of developers.

This community is a fast growing network of developers and service providers who helps developers take advantage of the powerful capacities of MCT 2.0 and SDK. It allows you to customize more quickly and efficiently your own services and provides you ready to use applications.

The features

Java editor

Morpheus SDK is based on the Eclipse IDE, including its powerful Java editor.

Graphical interface editor

The SDK enables you to create your own graphical interface for your application. So you can very easily create a button, a text field and so on.


Style sheets editor

You can create your own graphical style using the style sheets editor, based on CSS 2.0.


Multi languages translation

A very simple way to translate your application in several languages.