In this section you will find a number of examples of small projects you can do very quickly to try different features of the Morpheus SDK.

The project available are:

Using the serial port

This project will show you how to send data through the serial ports of the Mobile Devices products.
You can download the project here or read the page about this project here

Make your own broadcast protocol

You can customize the way the devices send data to your server.
To do this you can download two projects to try this feature. Download the protocol and the formater

Interact with the navigation

You can link all your application to the navigation engine, or create new POIs or even draw roads on the navigation engine.
You can download this project here

Using the accelerometer

Use the accelerometer of the devices and have access to those data to do some analysis.
Download the project here or read the page about this project here.

Customize the PDM

You can also modify the way data is saved on the device by customizing the PDM.
You can download the project here.