The tracking

This page has been updated on the 6 April 2011

This document will help you configure your device to do some standard tracking.

How do we record and send data?

To record and send data to the server, we used two main components. One to record data and the other one to send data.

  • The dataRecorder: this component records the data you want at the frequency you chose. The data is stored inside the device.
  • The dataEmitter: this component send all data stored inside the device to the server.

Note: the device doesn’t send data each time it records it. For example, the device records data each 30 seconds (that is the dataRecorder’s job) and sends data each 120 seconds (by the dataEmitter), ie: four raws of data are send to the server each 120 seconds.


Here is a table that summarizes all the tracking parameters, you have access to:

Fields Description Index Default setting
Speed The value of current speed 8 30
Heading The heading of the GPS 9 30
Odometer Full The total distance travelled since the device has been turn on for the first time 24 -1
Odometer Partial the total distance travelled since the last reboot 23 0
Ignition 0 if the engine of the vehicle is turned off, 1 if it’s turned on 14 -1
Driver ID Used only if an iButton has been installed. The value stored is the id of the driver currently using the vehicle. 27 -1
Temperature The value record by a one-wire component link to your device. 28 to 37 -1

Note: The unit of the longitude and latitude is in 10e-6 degrees. The speed is in knots*10e3



The only setting you can influence is the way the data is recorded. You can enable or disable a field, record a field on event (each time the value of the field changes) or record a field periodically. Here are the different settings you can use for each field :

  • x >0 to save your data every x seconds.
  • 0 to save you data on event (when it changes).
  • -1 to disable the record.

To set those parameters please look at the local administration documentation.
Into the light console, the command you have to use is: s ‘component’ ‘parameters’ ‘value’


  • To set the recording frequency of the speed to 60 seconds:
    s dataRecorder fieldPeriod 8 60


By modifying this parameter, you will only change the frequency at which the device sends data to the server. To modified the frequency at which the data is sent to the server you need to set the period of the dataEmitter (dataEmitter.period). By default this value is set to 120 seconds.