Access the console

This page has been updated on the 8 April 2011.

The Dreevo 3 has a Windows RNDIS driver embedded enabling it to be recognized when connected to your Windows Computer. Here are the steps to gain access to the console.


You need two things to use the Dreevo 3 console:

  1. The driver for Linux and Windows (linux_rndis.inf), available here.
  2. The software Putty to open the console, available here.

Accessing the console

  • Install the RNDIS driver (right click then choose install).
  • Connect your device to your Windows computer using the USB adapter.
  • Configure the interface. Go to Control Panel\Network and Sharing Center. Here you should find a new Ethernet interface identified as “Linux USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget”. You have to change the properties for this interface. Enter the following IPv4 configuration:
    • IP:
    • Subnet mask:
  • Save and
  • Download and install PUTTY. Create a new session called Dreevo3 with the following settings :
    • Host Name:
    • Port: 23
    • Connection: Telnet
    • Saved Session: Dreevo3

In the Terminal category (in the list on the left side of the window) check the Implicit CR in every LF checkbox. Switch back to the Session category, hit the Save button and click on Open.
And the console should open in a new window.

Once the connection is created you can also access the console through an web browser using link
Here is what looks like the HTML console.

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