Navigation and routing

This page has been updated on the 23 June 2010.

Navigation screen

A. Distance to next instruction
B. Next direction to take
C. GPS/GPRS signal and battery status
D. Zoom in/out
E. Current street and town
F. Distance to destination
G. Estimate time of arrival
H. Current speed and speed limit
I. Return to main menu

You can access the instructions for the current itinerary, by touching the blue instruction circle.

To access the navigation menu, you just need to touch the screen anywhere on the map.

Navigation menu

A. Select a destination
B. Launch the navigation to your home address (shortcut)
C. Recalculate the itinerary when a road is blocked
D. Navigation parameters and home settings
E. View your position on the map or navigate to the tapped zone
F. Stop navigation

Start navigation

To start a new route click on the Navigate to icon.

A. Enter a new address
B. Favourite addresses
C. Home address
D. GPS signal screen
E. Navigate to a selected point on the map
F. History of the last addresses

To start a new itinerary, click on the address icon.
Set the country, the city, the street, the street number and finally a point of interest (optional).
Then validate and the itinerary will be calculated.