The SD card

This page has been updated on the 8 April 2011.

What is this document about?

The Dreevo 3 and the Dreevo 3 lite can be delivered with a micro SD card. Here we will explain what information is stored on the micro SD card and what you can do with this card.

The architecture

At the root of the micro SD card you can find several folders and files. Each of these files has a specific role.
The folders are:

  • carto
  • gps
  • iso
  • pictures
  • sounds


In this folder you will find all the file containing map information.
If you need to change the map of your device or update, simply put the map files in this folder.

Note: The only map files accepted by the devices are maps provided by Mobile Devices.


This folder contains GPS simulation files. Those files are made of GPRCM frames which simulate an itinerary. The extension of those is “.dat”.

Once you have create your simulation and saved the file in this folder, simply activate the simulation mode through the GPS application.


Here you can add new applications on your device. Copy/paste a package that you have created with the SDK, then at the next reboot of the device, they will be installed.

Note: At the root of the SD card, there are two files, which are “autorename” and “update.bin”. Those files handle the update of the device. After each update the file “update.bin” is rename to “_update.bin”. If you want to update your device, just rename “_update.bin” to “update.bin”.


In this folder, you will find all the pictures used by the device and the graphical interface.


The sounds folder works exactly as the pictures folder.


Change the boot screen

You can change the boot screen of the device very easily.
The boot screen is a picture and its format is bmp.

To change the boot screen you need to create a bmp picture sized 480 × 272 px. Finally you need to copy/paste this file under the name “boot.bmp” at the root of the SD card. See this FAQ for more details.