Tracking Record

API for accessing tracking records: This records represents all the data that the device can record periodically. For instance the field id 8 represents the speed of the device. Please pay attention to the fact that almost all data will be returned in binary form.

Listing Tracking records

The route for listing tracking records is:

GET /tracking_records
API Call: Listing tracking records
Request ParametersretOptional
Default: id, unitid, time, lat, lng
Allowed: id, unitid, time, storetime, lat, lng, fieldid, data
fieldidsOptional. List of field Ids
Default: All fields
unitidsOptional. List of unitids
Default: Any units
fromOptional. Minimum date
Default: No minimum
toOptional. Maximum date
Default: No maximum
id_minOptional. Minimum ID
Default: No minimum
id_maxOptional. Maximum ID
Default: No maximum

You would get a list of tracking records like this:

$ curl ',unitid,time,lat,lng,data' \
  -b mdi.cookie -c mdi.cookie

   {"latitude": 0,
    "recordtime": "2009-04-10T13:18:59Z",
    "unitid": 4,
    "id": 1,
    "value": "%B9q",
    "longitude": 0}},
   {"latitude": 20,
    "recordtime": "2009-04-10T13:19:09Z",
    "unitid": 4,
    "id": 2,
    "value": "T%FD%94%0FOfy%8F%01ku7%8E(",
    "longitude": 10}},...]