Control the functioning

This page has been updated on the 12 April 2011.

Check the PPP (GPRS)

First, check if your device is connected to the GPRS network.

1. Connect the console.
2. Type modem to display the modem information.

Correct: The device gets an IP (ppp0).

Incorrect: The PPP remains down.

If you get no IP (ppp down) we advise to check the APN and test the SIM card in a cellphone.

Check the log

1. Connect the console.
2. According to your configuration type log dataEmitter or log binaryGate to display the log and check that data are correctly sent to the server.

If the device is not able to send data check the PPP and the configuration.

How to see your device on the server?

  • To consult the data sent by a device to the server, we provide a graphical interface at this web site:
    A documentation about this web site is available here.
    From this site, you will also be able to consult or retrieve parts or all the data in different format such as xml or json.
  • Another feature we provide is to localize a device on a map, for this purpose go to this web site
    A documentation on this web site is available here.

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