Connect the console

This page has been updated on the 13 April 2011.

Access to the console


1. Download the Ethernet RNDIS driver and install it.
2. Connect the C4-Evo to your computer using the miniUSB to USB cable.
3. A new Ethernet interface identified as Linux USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget should appear in the Devices Manager.

4. Go to Control Panel/Network/Sharing Center and configure the new interface.

IP :
Mask :

5. Save and close.
6. Launch PuTTY. Create a new session called C4-Evo with the settings as described below :

IP :
Port : 23
Protocol : Telnet

Note: In the Terminal category (in the list on the left side of the window) check the Implicit CR in every LF checkbox. Switch back to the Session category, hit the Save button and click Open.

Once the connection is created you can also access the console through an Internet browser via the URL

Via RS232

Note: This method requires an IBD cable.

1. Connect the IDB grey/red wires to the +12/24V. The grey wire is used to power the serial port.
2. Connect the IDB black wire to the ground.
3. Connect the IDB miniUSB connector to the C4-Evo.
4. Connect the IBD DB9 to your computer (requires an adapter) to access the console.


C4-Evo -> IBD miniUSB - IBD DB9 -> Fem./Fem. Async null modem DB9 adapter -> PC or USB2SERIAL adapter

5. Download and install Tera Term.
6. Launch TeraTerm and select Setup>Serial port.

7. Enter the following parameters and select OK.

Baud rate: 115200
Data bits: 8
Parity: none
Stop bit: 1
Flow control: none

8. Type #SWITCH# to display the console.

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