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This page has been updated on the 11 April 2010.


Processor ARM 9 – 210 MHz
Ram 32 MB
Flash memory 128 MB
Hardware watchdog Yes
GPS receiver GPS Sirf Star III
GPS antenna External (internal as an option)
GSM/GPRS (quad band) Yes
GSM antenna Internal (external as an option)
Bluetooth Please Contact Us
USB Phone Option
Power supply
Power Supply Automotive power supply 8 to 32V
Charger + power path Yes
Ignition detection Yes
Internal battery (Li-ion) 1300 mA.h
LED 1 power + 3 user
RS232 2 (1 with flow control)
USB Host
Ignition input Yes
Alarm input Yes
Digital Inputs 3
Digital outputs 2
1-wire Yes
3D accelerometer 2g / 8g
CAN Option
Connectors microFIT 18pins
Gps antenna SMA
Operating temperature -20/+60°C
Dimensions (mm) 85×110×32


Note: To open the device, push the top cover up at the corner and release it. Remove the internal battery to access to the other components.

1. microFIT 18 pins
2. LEDs
3. USB host
4. GPS antenna
5. Internal battery switch
6. SIM holder
7. Internal battery
8. GSM antenna

5. Internal battery switch
Switch positions:
Outwards (I) → Enable the battery
Inwards (O) → Instantaneously disable the battery.

Note: Internal battery activation requires the device to be running for at least 10s on the vehicle’s power.